Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The GM Lounge at Epcot

Once we found the Siemens lounge, we wanted to visit all the lounges! One of Ashleigh's absolutely favorite rides is the Test Track race car ride. General Motors sponsors a lounge here, so we found our instructions and made our way inside. It was raining when we went in, and the guys at the desk warned us that the ride was currently closed. We didn't mind, we were enjoying the experience. We got a soda and started looking around. There were some displays of neat cars and the Test Track ride, but I have to say that the view was the coolest part of this lounge. Looking at the picture above, you can see that on ground level you enter the ride. Most of the ride is on the inside of the building, but once you "crash" through the barrier wall, you end up on the race track going 65 mph. The race track is above the ride, right above the Test Track sign. Above the race track is the lounge. We could look down out of the window and see the race cars as they went by on the track (you didn't have to look, you could also hear them very well!). We sat here and really enjoyed a bird's eye view of Epcot.

Ali kept a sharp eye on the line waiting for the ride to open, and when she could see people going in, she told us. We went back to the desk and asked one of the guys to check for us before we went down. He said that they had opened the ride, and showed us the back door right to the platform. Before we left, we asked for a picture, and he graciously agreed. Another wonderful lounge visit. Thanks General Motors!

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