Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Siemens Lounge at Epcot

We really enjoyed being able to take a break and cool off in the private lounges. We really appreciate Disney and the sponsoring companies who allowed us this special privilege. As best I can tell, these lounges are only for employees and retirees of the sponsoring company. We approached the Siemens lounge and the computer asked for our passcode. We looked on our tickets (where our instructions said it should be), but we couldn't find it. While we were standing there trying to figure it out, someone came through with their badge and were kind enough to let us in. We signed in and visited with the person at the desk. She was very helpful and kind. She found a couple of battery operated Siemens fans for the girls. We had a soda and looked around. This place is really neat. They had a cube with questions on all the sides, and when you placed the cube on the special console, the answer would show up on a screen. You could turn the cube and get the answer to a different question. The windows and doors were frosted glass and when they were opened, the glass would become clear. While we were sitting in the lounge, the woman working the desk came over with a laptop. The floor near us looked like a grid, and the laptop had a program that could change the color of the floor! The girls took turns picking colors.
What a neat place! When we were ready to leave, she showed us a way to return to the Spaceship Earth ride, but we decided to go on out and head to test track. Thank you Siemens!


Belmari said...

Hi Ashleigh,

It was great meeting you and your family at Base21.


Aworlow said...

How fun to hear from you! How did you find the blog?