Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Wish Lounge at Magic Kingdom

While we were at Magic Kingdom, we checked out the Wish Lounge. They added this lounge for wish kids and their families when they come to magic kingdom. The girls found a huge stuffed chair and watched part of a movie. The lounge was decorated with many Disney touches, and provided a great place to cool down and relax.

Alex and I almost fell asleep while we were in there. We really appreciate Disney for creating this special retreat. I can imagine that there are many wish children who need this space and it is great that Disney took up some of their valuable space to help these kids enjoy their trip even more. Thanks Disney!

There was one more lounge we tried to visit, but we lost track of what day it was. Saturday we went over to Epcot to check out the Hewlett-Packard lounge at Mission Space. On our way, we remembered that it was Saturday, and realized that all the lounges were closed on the weekends. Alex sure was disappointed. He wanted to visit all the lounges, because once the trip was over, we would no longer have our special pass. I'm sure the HP lounge was awesome as well, and we appreciate the fact that we could have gone in during the week. Thank you Hewlett-Packard!