Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Gingerbread House

This is where we ate breakfast and dinner each day. This dining hall is the perfect example of the fact that this place was built for kids. Like everything here, no detail was left out. ALL the tables and chairs are closer to the ground than normal. Not quite like a child's table and chair set, because the seats are normal size (they do have to fit grown-up bottoms!), but definitely shorter. Alex and I figured the chairs legs are about 12-18 inches long. The table tops are designed with 27,000 real peppermint candies. All the glasses are child-size so kids have no problem handling them. (Adults can ask for to-go cups that hold a little more). All food is served by volunteers and they have volunteers waiting to help you carry your tray. There is always a kid buffet in case you don't like the main dish of the day. The ceilings are lined with stuffed animals donated to GKTW, except in the back room which is lined with toy trucks! It took us several days to realize this room is designed like a cupcake. The doorway is made to look like a giant took a bite out of it. A piano that plays music all by itself (player piano?) entertains the kids while they eat. We watched one child sit at the piano and pretend to play. He did pretty good following his fingers with the keys as it played a tune. It was cute! Our only compaint was they did not have any iced tea. Juice and milk for breakfast and soda and milk for dinner. Thankfully, they do serve coffee. Oh yea, they ALWAYS have dessert!

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aunt stacie said...

I am so happy you have decided to keep telling us about the trip even though you are home! I enjoy looking at the website everyday!!