Monday, June 30, 2008

Time to Go!

Well, it's time to go home. We are all tired and ready for our own beds, but really we don't want to leave this extra special place. We got up in time to meet some characters that came to GKTW for the kids. One of them was Donald, and we were told that it is rare to see him here, so we got lots of pictures. He liked Ashleigh's new tinkerbell shirt that said "Attitude!" After breakfast, we let the girls swim in the pool for a little while since we have not had time to swim all week. Alex and I took turns watching the girls and packing. We had 2 suitcases full of souvenirs and gifts! We had to consolidate our clothes and expand all our luggage to fit it all. We finally checked out and headed to the airport about 11:15 am. After going through all the security (yuck!), we had just enough time to buy some hamburgers and stuff them in our carry on bags! We ate them after we leveled off in the air. I felt for the guy next to me, i'll bet he didn't appreciate that, all he got was peanuts.

Our driver was waiting for us with a large black van with dark tinted windows. I felt like we were going into protective custody! It was a quiet ride home. Once we got home, Alex made us unpack and divide our clothes for washing. Then we divided all the goodies between the girls. Then off to pick up our Annie girl! (the dog). A nice dinner of mexican food, and we were in for the night by 7:30pm.

I have so many pictures and stories that happened on our trip. I decided that each day until I am out of pictures (or I can't remember anything else), I will post a picture and little story about it. So, keep checking back for more!

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