Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Last day!

I forgot again to mention that the girls found stuffed versions of Mayor Clayton waiting for them we we returned to the room Saturday night.
We are not looking forward to leaving this wonderful experience, but we can't overstay our welcome. Unfortunately, our last full day has had it's bad moments. We slept in because of our late night at Magic Kingdom. We decided to take it easy today and just spend a few hours at Universal Studios since we were given a 2-day pass to the parks. We started in the Islands of Adventure park. The past few days have been sweltering, with no afternoon rain to cool things down in the afternoon. Today was no exception. We picked out the rides Ashleigh would like, and focused only on those. The ride host/hostesses were wonderful, and got Ashleigh on quickly and with a smile (thanks Universal!). We spent the most time in the Dr. Seuss area. It is amazing how detailed things are and the rides were perfect for Ashleigh. She kept pointing to the Incredicle Hulk ride, but I was able to talk her out of it. I just couldn't handle another looping, twisting roller coaster! We were ready to leave, but decided to venture over to Universal Studios. We rode a new ride, the Simpsons, and ventured over to the Men In Black Alien ride. Turns out that this ride has a lot of strobing, so Ashleigh had to sit this one out (strobing and flashing lights can trigger siezures in epileptics). We decided we were done with the heat, so we headed out. Ali and I took off for some funnel cake, and Alex and Ashleigh returned the stroller. When we went to meet up, we couldn't find Alex and Ashleigh. Turns out Ashleigh had a seizure and Alex took her to the car to cool down. I guess we let the heat and fatigue get too bad. Her stomach hurt most of the night (happens often when she has seizures) but she is feeling better today.
We headed back to GKTW for the life size CandyLand game, but it was cancelled due to bad weather (they only have room outside to set it up). They still had the party, but moved it into the theatre. We met some assistance dogs in training (many volunteers bring their dogs to meet the kids her at GKTW), and the girls got an "autograph" from Charlotte the dog. They even let our girls walk the dogs a little bit. Then we went on to the party.
Ali and Alex played CandyLand with one of the volunteers, and Ashleigh did the limbo with Mayor Clayton, Miss Merry and the Gingerbread man. After a while, the noise and lights were bothering her, so we retired to the villa to let her rest.
In our room for the girls tonight was a candyland board game, GKTW version and 2 lightweight backpacks from Universal.

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