Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GKTW Castle of Miracles

This was probably the neatest place at GKTW. There were so many things in this one building so check out. First of all, it is decorated as an old fashioned castle and the Carousel is attached on the outside covered with a mushroom cover. There is even a moat with a lochness monster guarding things.

When you enter the Castle, you are greeted by a coat of armor. His name is Rusty!

To your right is a "game" room. They call it the Fe Fi Fo Fun room. It has a "control center" where you can put different animated characters on the screen and make them move with different buttons and switches. There is a television playing kids movies, and lots of toys for the little kids. The coolest thing to me was the giant peeking in through the ceiling!

The main room of the castle is where the stars of all the wish kids are. They are all over the ceiling and they have had to add banners to hold more stars. (I have already posted pics of this earlier). Ashleigh's star is on the first banner. This is where the king and queen thrones are. During the Christmas celebration, we met Mrs. Claus here.
Just to the left of this big room is another play area. They have a few tables for coloring and drawing. My favorite is the wishing well. There is a bucket full of pennies. You can help yourself and throw some into the well. Sometimes, you hear nothing but the clink of the coins, but other times you hear the sound of breaking glass, or someone yelling or my favorite, someone burping! It was pretty silly. There is a wall with tons of drawers. You could open them. Some of them had toys inside and some of them made a noise.

They have a miagic pillow machine here also. Each child is given a coupon to make a magic pillow. The machine squeeks and rattles and blows bubbles as the child tries to "control" it. Then it spits out a special pillow just for the child. It is really cool!

This area also has a really cool magic mirror. "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who's the fairest of them all?" Pull the lever, and suddenly your image is complete with a crown and royal cape!

In the back of the castle is a little activity room with a tunnel and slide called the Jolly Hollow. It is decorated like a forest, and has little peepholes where you can peep in and see a family of mice. You can hear crickets chirping and when you enter the tunnel, it sounds like bees are following you! There are lighted footprints that lead up to the slide. Our girls were a little big for this area, but Ashleigh did try out the slide once.

It was a really neat place, and every morning when we left our villa we could see the back of it, we were that close!

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Lisa Phillips said...

Wow! I love this place... what a fun time it looks like you all had. THe pictures are great and the stories are fun to read.