Thursday, July 3, 2008

What is this?

On our first trip to Epcot, while getting some snacks, Alex purchased 2 of these for our girls. Ali wanted it because of all the flags of the countries. This was one of those few purchases where we bought something for the girls just to spoil them. Alex didn't ask the price, didn't ask what it was, he just knew the girls wanted one. After walking away from the sales booth, I asked my family what it was. I thought it was a lanyard for the collectible pins we saw all over the park. The problem was, the loop at the bottom of this thing is solid. There is no way to hook anything to it like a badge or keys. Now, some of you are rolling your eyes because you knew immediately what this was, but we really couldn't figure it out! TWO days later, while we were at animal kingdom waiting in line for the Lion King show, I saw a woman wearing one of these and finally realized what it is! My first clue should have been the booth where we bought it. They only served drinks and small snacks. This is a bottle holder. The small black loop goes around the neck of a bottle, the black circle adjusts so you can close the loop around the bottle neck. You wear it just like a lanyard and your hands are free from holding the bottle all day. Who knew this trip would be educational!

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