Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ashleigh gets tucked-in

One of the neat things they have setup at GKTW is to allow each child a chance to be tucked in by either Mayor Clayton or his wife, Merry. Ashleigh chose Miss Merry, and we signed her up for Friday night. It was so cute. Miss Merry arrived in her pajamas and greeted Ashleigh with a big hug and an autographed picture.
Then they headed back to Ashleigh's room. Miss Merry got on her bed and tried to get Ashleigh to bounce on her knees (jump on the bed). Ashleigh wouldn't do it! I guess we got that rule through to her too well! Then Miss Merry adjusted the covers and pulled them over Ashleigh's head. Then she laid down right next to Ashleigh like she was going to sleep here tonight. The GKTW worker who came with Miss Merry told Ashleigh she needed to tickle Miss Merry to get her out of the bed, but Ashleigh's arms were tucked in the covers too tight and she couldn't get them out to tickle her! Finally, she gave Ashleigh a kiss and we turned out the light. Ali missed all the excitement. When I signed Ashleigh up, they also ask how many kids will be there, and I believe that Miss Merry would also have tucked in Ali. However, this 12 year old turned teen was hiding out in the bathroom playing around in the jacuzzi tub. We just let her be and she was as happy as Ashleigh.

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