Saturday, July 12, 2008

Enjoying the Gimmicks

There are many things that can get your money. One of the gimmicks we decided to participate in is the pin collecting. We received 2 lanyards and pins when we went to Disney World in 2004, but didn't do anything else. This time, we decided to get a pin for each park we visited. They have thousands of these little pins with all kinds of designs and characters. Sometimes the hard part was decided which one. We had a miscommunication with Ali, and one of the pins we bought for Ashleigh, she thought was hers. She didn't like the one she "picked". We told her to find a castmember and try to trade. Many castmembers through the parks have their own lanyards and pins. If you ask them, they may trade with you. The trick is making sure you don't trade an expensive pin for a cheaper one. Ali made a trade to get rid of the pin she didn't want, and then she was hooked. Everywhere we went, she was checking out the lanyards and analyzing the pins.
One night in Magic Kingdom, we decided to get Ashleigh on the Pooh ride. We asked a castmember in the gift shop where we should go with our special badge, the exit or the fastpass lane. While we were talking to her, the girls were looking at the pins. Ali found a pin and made a trade. Ashleigh pointed out a Chip (from Chip and Dale) pin, but we had not yet setup Ashleigh's lanyard with pins, so she had nothing to trade. This sweet castmember let her have it anyway. When we exited the ride (many of the rides exit through the gift shop, another gimmick!), we found this castmember again. She (and Pooh) had gotten "ready for bed", and we got a picture and thanked her again for being so sweet.

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